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Public water is making it’s way to the Tiny Home Village!

After finishing much of the site prep needed for construction on the Farm, we are excited to begin installing water lines to bring public water to the Village. Up until now the Farm at Penny Lane has relied on wells for their water system. With the addition of 15 homes, a pavilion, and a clubhouse, access to the public water system is vital. Through the generosity of the Chatham County Housing Authority, Wells Fargo, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare, and private donors, the Tiny Homes Village and the Farm at Penny Lane will have access to a safe, reliable water system. Construction began with the onsite water lines and installing fire hydrants for community safety. Next steps will be to connect to the main water lines already established on the road adjacent to the farm.




First Erected Building for the Village is Up!

UNC School of Social Work and The Farm at Penny Lane partnered with NC State’s “Design + Build” to erect the very first building in the Tiny Homes Village. Design + Build is a fully unique experience that prepares prospective designers for real-world practice. Students of this summer’s studio designed and built the pavilion in just 8 weeks! The pavilion will serve as a gathering area for farm participants, volunteers and guests as well as for therapeutic classes and social events.


Creating Space and Cleaning Up!

Trees around the farm have come down to make space for our community of tiny homes!




Horizontal Construction for The Tiny Homes Village Begins!

On April 21, 2020 equipment for Horizontal Construction arrived to the  the Farm at Penny Lane. Our Project Manager, Lee Bowman, was on site monitoring the progress.






Safety First!

Our feathered friends at the farm are temporarily moving to a new location at the farm due to Tiny Home Village construction. Their temporary accommodations seem comfortable! Prince, the fearless leader of the flock, is very serious about social distancing and PPE!







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