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Tiny Homes Village at the Farm at Penny Lane Roles and Responsibilities


  • The Tiny Homes Village is being developed through a public/private partnership that is led by Cross Disability Services, Inc., (XDS, Inc.), a local nonprofit and the UNC School of Social Work (SSW).
  • This chart shows that SSW is the Project Sponsor of the Tiny Homes Village (THV). As the Project Sponsor, SSW is responsible for overseeing the development of the THV, recruiting project partners, creating and monitoring work plans and securing funding for the project.
  • XDS, Inc. will be the owner and developer for the THV and will oversee the development and ongoing operations of the THV.
  • Legion Construction will act as the Development Consultant to XDS, Inc. during the construction phase of this project.
  • Once construction is completed the THV leadership team will grow to include a property manager with experience working on affordable housing projects. The property manager will manage the day-to-day operations of the THV, lease units, and maintain the physical property.
  • The Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health (CECMH) will be the lead service provider for the THV. CECMH staff will develop, coordinate and execute comprehensive, individualized service plans for all THV residents.
  • SSW, XDS, Inc., CECMH and the property management company will develop a Resident Selection Team that will develop resident selection criteria, review applications, and select residents to live in the THV.